A Look at Factors that Make Real Estate in Victoria, B.C. Desirable

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With Victoria, BC real estate market conditions currently described as steady—following the latest report from the Victoria Real Estate Board—property buyers and sellers alike enjoy favourable prospects. Many buyers looking to transfer to this beautiful city on the Pacific Coast are drawn to the bustling urban vibe and pleasant climate. The fact that the city has so much to offer, particularly in terms of recreational and professional opportunities, makes it even more desirable.

A Look at Factors that Make Real Estate in Victoria, B.C. Desirable

In an article for The Province, journalist Elaine O’Connor cites one booming local industry in particular: archaeology. The article notes that “B.C. is home to approximately 40,000 heritage sites registered with the B.C. government’s Archaeology Branch, with another 2,000 or so discovered each year.” With those rich resources, archaeology careers are truly becoming lucrative in the region.

“Archaeology is not for everyone. But for the adventurous, there has never been a better time.

Resource industry trends are one factor in the increased demand for archaeologists in B.C. Strict legislation is another.

Archaeological sites in B.C. have been well protected since the Heritage Conservation Act came into effect in 1996. Preservation is managed by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations’ Archaeology Branch, which issues permits for studies and fines for infractions.”

Aside from archaeologists, professionals and skilled workers in other industries can also explore career opportunities in Victoria. Among other things, the government is currently expanding and preparing a massive workforce to improve certain sectors, such as the natural gas industry and the health care sector. With this move comes valuable, in-demand jobs that need to be filled soon.

Employment-driven real estate buyers, particularly those who wish to live closer to where they work, may find condos suitable to their desired lifestyles. Even future retirees and boomers who are looking to downsize might want to take a look at available condominium units. Condo residents, after all, enjoy greater freedom from the usual challenges of suburban living (e.g. routine house maintenance), not to mention proximity to the metro area as well as spectacular high-rise views (for certain properties, that is).

In any case, most of the sought-after houses for sale in Victoria, BC are built close to basic necessities and leisure activities. Think schools, churches, and other important facilities, as well as restaurants or bars and outdoor activity spots like beaches, hiking trails, and parks. For a fine selection of properties in prime neighborhoods, interested buyers can turn to a reputable real estate company like Victoria BC Real Estate Listings.

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