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Buy Condos or Real Estate in Victoria, BC for the Ideal City Life

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Many Canadians have opted to live in places with warmer climes and beautiful scenery, such as Vancouver. However, Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is also experiencing an influx of arrivals for similar reasons, so reports The Times Colonist: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Time to Buy Real Estate in Victoria, BC: The Province’s True Gem

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Previously, people migrating to British Columbia considered Vancouver as their first choice for residence. Now, Victoria has grabbed the spotlight in the province’s thriving real estate industry. In a The Globe and Mail special feature, Kerry Gold asks various people why they think Victoria is a great place for putting down one’s roots. Their accolades covered everything from the good local economy, better weather, and the area’s natural beauty. Consequently, the city’s stellar real estate sales record comes as no surprise: Read the rest of this entry »

The IIP has been Dropped: How Will it Affect Victoria BC Real Estate?

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The Canadian government recently cancelled the Immigrant Investors Program (IIP), a popular program designed to lure Chinese investors into Canada. With the scrapping of IIP, the B.C. government stands to lose access to a $400 million fund. Vancouver Sun provides more information on the program’s abolishment, which was announced on February 12 this year.
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A Look at Factors that Make Real Estate in Victoria, B.C. Desirable

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With Victoria, BC real estate market conditions currently described as steady—following the latest report from the Victoria Real Estate Board—property buyers and sellers alike enjoy favourable prospects. Many buyers looking to transfer to this beautiful city on the Pacific Coast are drawn to the bustling urban vibe and pleasant climate. The fact that the city has so much to offer, particularly in terms of recreational and professional opportunities, makes it even more desirable. Read the rest of this entry »