Houses for Sale in Victoria BC

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Victoria BC, it could be because you’ve already lived here for a while and you realize that it’s the perfect city to call home.  Or you could be putting your house up for sale and leaving the beauty and magnificence of island life.  Whatever your particular reason – whether you’re selling your house or looking for a house for sale in Victoria BC, you’ll find everything you need on this site.

Military and the government in general are big employers in Victoria and many houses for sale in Victoria BC are due to a military transfer or other government posting to other cities and provinces across Canada.

Houses for Sale in Victoria BC

If you’re looking to buy a house in Victoria, you’d be wise to heed the advice of a real estate professional who knows the market and the city.


Both moving away from a city you used to call home as well as moving to a new city can be a daunting experience.  And you have enough to worry about without having to stress about pounding the pavement to find your perfect house.  A well-informed real estate agent will be familiar with local conditions and mindful that you need to locate and buy the right home in a relatively short time period.


If the time has actually come for you to leave the military base CFB Esquimalt for a new posting, you might have to sell your house quick so that you can focus on finding your new home. A seasoned realtor who has dealt with military households is understanding of this, and can also supply recommendations to real estate professionals anywhere you are relocating to.


If you’ve been in the military yourself for any amount of time and have had the opportunity to travel and live all around Canada, you probably agree that, overall, Victoria BC is as good as it gets!


Compared to other parts of Canada, Victoria and British Columbia in general can be more expensive in terms of cost of living.  Although it’s not too much more expensive than any other large city in Canada, the prices for food and gas tend to be particularly high comparatively.


The temperate environment, access to entertainment, chances for education and work in Victoria combine to make this city among the most preferable places to live in Canada.

Whether you’re searching for houses for sale in Victoria BC due to the fact that you have actually been posted to CFB Esquimalt, you’ve been transferred by your employer or you just want to live on a beautiful island and be close to nature, you’ll find everything you need here in Victoria.

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