House for Sale Victoria BC

If you’re on the lookout for a house for sale Victoria BC, maybe it’s because you’ve already heard such good things about the city. It is considered a great place to retire – whatever age that happens to be for you!

Although Victoria BC has shed its somewhat ill-mannered reputation as a home to “the newly-wed and the nearly dead” it remains a popular retirement destination for people from across Canada and further.  Retirement living in Victoria offers much for today’s active seniors.  This vibrant city and the surrounding communities are home to a population diverse in ethnicity and demographics.

House for Sale Victoria BCThe temperate climate enjoyed in the Greater Victoria region is one major reason that people who are retired from the regular workforce relocate here.  If you compare the weather in Victoria with the rest of Canada, you’ll easily see why many people choose to look for a house for sale Victoria BC that they can call their own.

Due to the vast number of retirees in Victoria, the city has much in the way of services geared towards the older demographic.  The active, older crowd will find a slew of social clubs, activities and other opportunities to meet with peers – something said to be conducive to happy aging.

If you’re looking for a house for sale in Victoria BC, you can find many nice, affordable accommodations.  And if you’re looking to hobnob with and make new friends and enjoy your aging years, you may want to look into the many different types of retirement communities, including:

  • Over 55 affordable housing
  • Over 50 gated neighborhoods
  • Over 55 luxury apartments, condos and townhomes, and
  • Retirement communities offering various levels of assisted living, from
    • Long term care homes;
    • Assisted living, and
    • Independent living;

And for those who don’t particularly enjoy the idea of leaving their home and giving up their privacy in exchange for the benefits of upscale retirement living, there are also other choices.  One option is to hire a home care service.  There are many of these companies to choose from in Victoria and they provide a large array of services for seniors who would rather live out their years with the family and in the family home.

In addition to the retirement homes available in Victoria, you may want to look into a house for sale Victoria BC in addition to home care.  Due to advances in medicine and our understanding of the aging process, the elderly are leading a much more productive and longer life nowadays than they used to.  And because we have a better understanding of how our diet affects our health long term; coupled with advances in geriatric care, retirement living isn’t what it used to be.  Because of the number of retirees calling Victoria home, you’ll find therapists and geriatric specialists in Victoria BC compared to most major Canadian cities.

Seniors and younger retirees trying to figure out where to spend their golden years will find living in Victoria a very attractive proposition.  Where else in Canada can you find:

  • an array of housing options with different levels of care
  • a large and vibrant peer community
  • first-rate medical care, treatment and rehabilitation
  • temperate climate and beautiful surroundings


Whether you’re looking for a house for sale in Victoria BC or you’ve decided you’d like to explore the retirement communities a little further, you can’t go wrong choosing Victoria as the city to spend your golden years.