Condos for Sale Victoria BC

Looking for condos for sale in Victoria BC could be just one of the many reasons why people might be moving to Victoria BC Canada.   Another could be the simple desire to enjoy the wonders of island life; as this lovely small city offers a quality of life that is hard to match, even on a global scale.

condos for sale victoria bc


It starts with the most standard of concerns for real estate investors or homeowners — the climate.  And in Victoria BC, you have no worries there as the Greater Victoria region takes pleasure in what a lot of people would consider to be the very best climate in Canada.


Daily temperatures reach over 30°C (86 °F) usually less than one day each year and drop below 2°C (28 °F) on average only 6 nights each year.


Aside from the great weather in Victoria, the growing economy entices many to move to Victoria for work. Being the capital of BC and a major tourist destination, Victoria has a very strong tourist and government sectors.


The increase in condos for sale in Victoria BC in recent years has been on the rise as more people are moving to Victoria to enjoy the quiet, relaxing proximity of nature.


Although you won’t find any upscale condos for sale on the military base, CFB Esquimalt, they are a large employer in the region and many ex-military find themselves enjoying the condo life after their time in the military.   Military moves bring a frequent increase of new households to the Greater Victoria region.


Victoria BC is synonymous with retirement living – or at least that’s what some people will have you believe.  Although there definitely is a large population of retirees on the island – Greater Victoria has a diverse selection of homeowners that make up its approximately 360,000 residents.


Many times people move to Victoria BC to find condos for sale because they’ve heard how wonderful Victoria is.  And then family visits them in Victoria and they end up loving it so much that they stay as well.  You wouldn’t believe the number of times this has and continues to happen.


“There are a tonne of reasons why you’d want to buy a condo in Victoria – the culture, climate, to find work or a better education, due to great health care, to retire or to rejoin family. Whatever your reason for wanting to find condos for sale in Victoria BC, we’re sure that if you do take the plunge and buy a condo in Victoria BC, you certainly won’t regret it!  Certainly you’ll find plenty of beautiful condos in our Real Estate Listings.”