Townhouses for Sale Victoria BC

Where to Work & Live in Victoria BC

Why consider townhouses for sale in Victoria, BC? In short, with so much to see and do here, and with Victoria’s thriving economy, there’s really no reason not to.  Victoria, British Columbia, and its outlying areas have something for everyone.  No matter where you are in this city, you’ll find beauty, interesting venues, tourist attractions, top quality shopping and any number of restaurants and nightclubs to suit your lifestyle.


With so much to see and do and a thriving economy on top of it all, it is no wonder you are looking for townhouses for sale Victoria BCTownhouses for Sale Victoria BC - Where To Work

As British Columbia’s capital city, Victoria enjoys a wide array of employment opportunities.  Since Victoria is the seat of the Provincial Legislature, and many government agencies, there are an abundance of government administration jobs on the market.

Victoria is also a popular destination for tourists, attracting them by the hundreds of thousands each year.  Those looking for work in the tourism and hospitality industry will find that jobs in this field are abundant.

With a notable university, and many reputable colleges, not to mention schools covering lower grades, there is also a demand for quality education providers.

This city is also a Canadian mecca of sorts for the tech industry.  Hundreds of software, hardware, and technology services companies are housed here, providing what is possibly the most dominant field in the job market.

In essence, due to the popularity of Victoria as a place to live and work, realtors who represent Victoria’s townhouses for sale, as well as other types of properties, also have no problem finding jobs.

Townhouses for Sale Victoria BC - Where To Live

The Greater Victoria Area has a number of different areas to suit any lifestyle.  For instance, you may choose Victoria townhouses for sale in a pleasant neighbourhood, such as Fairfield.  This is an ideal neighbourhood not only for families, but also for retirees who are looking for a quiet and safe area to settle down. There are good schools, and active neighbourhood organizations, so that it is easy to make new friends and settle into a great home.

People who prefer more urban living can choose to seek out Victoria townhouses for sale in the downtown area.  Here, you have the hub of Victoria’s commercial activity, with hundreds of successful businesses and shops of every type. At night, the downtown area is alive with great restaurants, clubs, theatres and other venues that offer residents and visitors alike plenty of entertainment.

Because Victoria is on the southern point of Vancouver Island, the city and its suburbs have plenty of beaches and waterfront properties.  Areas like Oak Bay, or Cadboro Bay, offer pleasant communities with the benefit of being close to the water.  For active people who love sport fishing, boating, or scuba diving, a waterfront property in one of these communities is ideal.

Townhouses for sale in Victoria, BC, no matter what neighbourhood you choose, can accommodate almost any lifestyle.


Townhouses for Sale Victoria BC - History

Part of Victoria’s charm is its rich history.  Virtually every neighbourhood features an historic site, such as Government House and Craigdarroch Castle in Fairfield, the Market Square downtown, or Royal Roads University in Colwood. These are just a few points of interest in this historic city, and there are many more.  As a resident of Victoria, you’ll find yourself being a tourist in your own home town, time and again.

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